Our History

Masjid Ar-Razzaq was founded in Charlotte on October 12, 2006 as a religious order that supports the Quran and the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad.Tafsir of Imam W.D, Mohammed.


In February 1975, his father, Elijah Mohammed passed. At that time, he was unanimously elected the new leader of the Nation of Islam by its leaders and general membership. For more than 33 years, he emphasized the teachings of the Holy Qur'an and the tradition of Muhammad the Prophet which transformed the Nation of Islam. Through a strategy of gradual and moderate change, he designed a program to correct erroneous religous ideas and satisfy the requisites of true Islamic identity. A community once known as "Black Muslims" became a progressive and stable society of Muslim Americans. He opened the Nation of Islam membership up to all races and encouraged Muslim Americans to register to vote and become full participants in America's politics and economics. The members of Masjid Ar-Razzaq are commited to honoring the legacy of our leader by fulfilling his vision of universal human acceptance; One Creator, One Creation, One Humanity. He was an internationally renowed leader & teacher as well as a pioneer in the promotion of interfaith dialogue and healthy race relations. Imam Mohammed devoted his life to G-d, the advancement of human excellence and community development. He was a tireless laborer for the interest of peace and justice in the world. 


Masjid Ar- Razzaq was given a proclamation by the City of Charlotte on September 13, 2014  "Building Bridges Of Humanity In A World Of Many Faiths- A Reunion Of The Human Family Day". This is an annual program. 


 We have a small in-home Masjid convenient to downtown Charlotte and the Airport Area. Many people have prayed here over the years. Over the years, we have learned that what people need most is someone who will listen to their concerns - someone they can turn to for support when the going gets tough and that's what Masjid Ar-Razzaq is all about. If Allah is all that you have, you have all that you need.